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Unification keys

Have you created a decryption key for your email address and want to transfer it to another device (PC/mobile device)? Here’s how to do it. You will need both the original device and the new device at the same time.

  1. On the new device, install the  Talkey app and turn it on.
  2. You will first be prompted to enter an email address. If you already have another key on your device, select the menu item My Account > and in My keys section by clicking on   (Add ikon).
  3. The application will automatically recognize that the key already exists. Select the first option I want to transfer key from another device.
  4. Next, it is necessary to enter the key transfer code into the new device. You generate it on the original device in the menu item My account > and in My keys section by clicking on  (Key transfer ikon). If you don’t see that key on the original device, the transfer won’t work.
  5. After entering the code, you have to enter the password from the original device for verification.

If the password was correct, the key transfer was successful and you can now use Talkey on both devices.

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