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Talkey aplication

We will secure your data and communication

Talkey is a unique encryption application for secure data storage and encrypted communication.

For individuals


Encrypt your data on drive or in the cloud. Securely delete files from your device. By using Talkey, you can also send encrypted emails, including attachments. 

For companies

Talkey Server

By using Talkey Server you have full control over the administration and operation of the application. Compared to the Talkey version, you have central user management available, including connection to Active Directory.


Talkey Engine

Talkey Engine is designed to integrate with an applications and third-party IT systems. Allows you to deliver information and services in a secure and encrypted way.

How does Talkey work?

Talkey is a unique encryption application that offers a solution for data security and secure electronic communication. By using Talkey, you can encrypt data on the disk as well as in online storage – in the cloud. It has advanced functions, the user decides how to handle his data also on other devices. Talkey is available for both mobile devices (Android, iOS) and desktop platforms (Windows, macOS).

The implemented algorithms are consistent with the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency recommendations.

Why encrypt data?

Data encryption and electronic communications encryption is important to protect privacy and sensitive data. It helps secure data against misusage by unauthorized persons and minimizes the risk of data leakage. Encryption also reduces the probability of successful cyber attack and the data theft. If you store or transfer any sensitive data, you should always consider securing it.

Use Talkey aplication effectively

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We will secure your data and communication

Keep your data and emails safe.

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