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Integration with Microsoft Outlook

To integrate the add-on, you must have the Talkey application installed. After installing the application, the add-on is added (after installing Talkey and starting Outlook for the first time, confirm the installation of the add-on).

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You will see the Talkey add-on in the top bar of your email client.

How to encrypt?

Select the email recipient. If the recipient uses Talkey, the security icon – Encrypt – will automatically appear as an active. The first time you use a new recipient, it may take a few seconds to activate, but each subsequent use of the same recipient will be almost instantaneous. If you want to send an unencrypted email, click on the active Encrypt icon, which will be deactivated. Then send the email as usual.

You will be prompted for a security password each time you perform a new encryption or after logging into the operating system.

An encrypted email looks like this:

Decryption is performed by double-clicking on the email, double-clicking on the attachment or clicking on the green lock at the top of the attachment. You will be prompted for a security password each time you decrypt or log into the operating system.

Preview of the decrypted email.

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