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Talkey Engine

Do you operate your own information system, manage the data and their exchange between users and additionally need to secure this data? A simple connection of your system with Talkey Engine via the API interface, will allow you to increase the security of the generated content to the level recommended by the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency.

Talkey Engine Features

Talkey Engine allows you to deliver information and services in a secure and encrypted way. It is designed to integrate with an applications and third-party IT systems. It includes an encryption core, a locally installed library, and a CA server used to store users’ public keys for communication with each other.

Talkey engine operation diagram

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The implemented algorithms are consistent with the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) recommendations, Talkey is verifed by National Security Authority (NBÚ).

  • double encryption – symmetric and asymmetric
  • symmetric algorithms AES 256 GCM
  • asymmetric algorithms ECDH 384
  • hash algorithms SHA-384

We will secure your data and communication

Keep your data and emails safe.