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Why should you protect your data?
Data storages are often the target of hacker’s attacks, who are trying to access your data. If such an attack occurs, sensitive information such as bank details, passwords, personal information, and much more can be stolen and published or misused. Just like data in online cloud storages also e-mails can be in an open and unsecured form, where they are readable on the Internet and on various servers.
What can Talkey do?
Talkey secures files or folders and e-mails communication in such a way that only the person who created them and the recipient of the messages can read/view/open them. Strictly speaking, no one else has access to your communications or documents. Talkey also allows you to encrypt files that can be securely copied to a USB flash drive, to the cloud, etc. A potential data thief will not be able to read these files. You can also use a shredder to permanently delete data from your computer.
How does an encrypted drive work?
By creating a virtual drive, you will automatically encrypt all the data which you put in it. Files can be accessed and edited instantly. You can assign access rights to multiple users. You can use the encrypted Talkey drive on a local drive and in the cloud services or also on shared drive on the local network.
How does a shredder work?
By dragging a file or folder into the application, you will simply delete the data from your computer without the possibility of their recovery, even with special tools.
How can I communicate using encryption?
How does it work from the sender's position?
If the sender wants to communicate securely with anyone, he will simply write the message. When you click send, Talkey will automatically detect if the recipient already has his decryption key. If he does not have the key, the sender enters the recipient's phone number. Talkey generates a unique decryption key for the recipient, and immediately via SMS sends a password to read encrypted messages. How does it work from the recipient's position?
If the recipient receives an encrypted message and has the Talkey application installed, he decrypts the email in the application. If the recipient is not already a Talkey user, he will read the message after entering the password in a secure web browser. He can also reply to this message in the same browser in encrypted form.
Is my data safe, even if it's stored in a server or in the computer?
Files or folders and messages encrypted with Talkey are really safe and you don't have to worry about them. They are in readable form only when they are decrypted on the computer at that particular moment. On a mail server or in the cloud storage, the files are secure and unreadable by third-party devices without the corresponding private encryption key.
Are there any back doors in Talkey?
No. There are no back doors in Talkey. Our company does not have access to your data, your private (encryption) key, or your Talkey password. If you lose or forget your password, you can only restore your encryption keys from the backup created during the generation of a new encryption key. You will be the only user with access to your data.
Is it possible for another Talkey user to use their own Talkey device to open an email or file that is intended for another user?
It is impossible. E-mails and files can only be decrypted by the recipients and senders for whom the e-mail or file is intended. No one else, including TALKEY a.s. will not get them. To decrypt the communication, it is necessary to have a private encryption key that only have the recipient and the sender.
Will Talkey limit me in any way when working with data?
Not at all. Talkey is a very intuitive application where you can quickly find yourself. Once set up, the processes run automatically so you hardly know about them. The way of using the application will not change in any way, it will only offer you more functions, i.e. icons used to launch security processes.
How can I purchase the Talky application after the trial period ends?
Switching to the paid version is simple. First you need to open the Talky application and in the My Account section, click on the Subscription button. After that you will be redirected to account.talkey.com. After paying the subscription amount, all functions will be activated. There is no need to re-set the application or generate new keys. Only the current version of Talkey is required, so check for updates.