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What does Talkey do?
Talkey secures e-mail communication, files and folders so that only the creator and the recipient of the message can read/view/open them. Nobody else can get to the communication or computer. However, the way you use e-mail will not change for you. Several extra icons appear in the e-mail client to trigger security processes. Talkey also allows you to encrypt safely copy to USB flash drive, cloud storage, etc. However a potential data robber will not be able to read these files.
Why encrypt e-mails?
When you send an e-mail it leaves in fully open form ( which means it's readable by anyone it meets) to your web hosting (Seznam, Google) and then to the web interface where it passes through other serves up to the server hosting e-mail addressee services. To send an e-mail is very similar to sending postcards. Look at your e-mail communication in recent days and stop by those messages whose content should be seen only by their addressee - wouldn't a registered letter be better to their own hands? Even password protected attach files or encryption enabled on e-mail server is not helpful.
How do I communicate encrypted with someone who doesn't have Talkey?
Each paid license has a " Invite to encrypted communication" feature to add a new user to the Talkey group. This user will receive an e-mail invitation and SMS password required for installation. Once the necessary program is installed, the invited user will be able to receive and respond to encrypted e-mails.
What features does "Invited user" have?
Invited user communicates only with paying user. (more  http://www.talkey.com/buy ). He has the ability to decrypt e-mail and can encrypt e-mail with paying users. He doesn't have ability to (de)encrypt folders and files,  a paid version Talkey does. ( more  http://www.talkey.com/buy ) He can't use the "Invite to encrypted communication" button because he doesn't own a paid version.
Synchronize drafts

To ensure the security of your messages, you must turn off automatic draft saving. The message is encrypted at the same time it is sent, until it is open, just like normal unsecured e-mail.

These drafts can be synchronized to the e-mail server in an open form.

Can another Talkey user with their Talkey device open an e-mail of file that is intended or another user?
He can not. E-mails and files can be decrypted only by recipients and senders for whom the e-mail or file is intended. No one else, including TALKEY a.s. , gets to them. To decrypt communication it's necessary to have a private encryption key that only the recipient and the sender have.
Are my e-mail, filer or folders really safe, even they are saved on a server or computer?
Talkey - encrypted e-mails, files and folders are really safe and you don't have to worry about them. They are open only when they are decrypted on the computer. Files are safe on a mail server or cloud storage and unknown device without a private encryption key can not read them.
Can I trust Talkey?
Yes, you can. Because only you own your part of the encryption key which is necessary to decrypt files and texts you send. To Talkey's technology trust multinational corporation and security forces in the Czech Republic.
Does Talkey have a backdoor?
No, it doesn't. Our company doesn't have access to your data, your private (decryption) key or your Talkey password. If you lose, destroy, make mistake several times in writing down your password, you can only restore your decryption keys from a backup created while creating a new decryption key. You will become only person with access to your data.
What will happen when my subscription expire?
If your subscription expires, the functionality of the system will be limited to the so-called "Invited user". You can work in this mode unlimitedly, so you can still read all encrypted messages. You can continue using Talkey. You will encrypt your decrypted data and not lose them. However new encryption and deleting files will not be accessible. If you had a paid version Talkey you will have the "Invited" feature. You will be able to generate or restore the backup key for 1 e-mail. The latest version of Talkey will no longer be available.