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Apple Mail native client

How to create a new encrypt e-mail.

Open New Talkey E-mail in the apps list or notification area.

Enter your login password.

A standard e-mail window appears. When finished, click send.

The system needs to permission to send encrypted messages through the client.

System permit. After confirmation, the message is sent.

How to decrypt?

Find the encrypted attachment (myTalkey.mtm) in your inbox and double-click to open it.

The message starts to be decrypted.

The content of the encrypted message it displayed here.

How to access advanced functions?

Click on a new email to open window message. To access advanced functions click on Settings icon. Enter the required function and click OK to return to the open message. Continue as sending a regular encrypt message.

Example of 10s message

To decrypt the recipient make a double-click on a specific email and double click on an attachment or green lock on the top of plugin.

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