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Sharing through the third-party applications

If you are not using any of the supported Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Talkey Email, you can still use Talkey encryption.

After successfully installing Talkey and performing the first steps, open “Talkey” located in the installed programs and under the Talkey icon in the notification area.

Obsah obrázku text, snímek obrazovky, Písmo, Elektricky modrá

Popis byl vytvořen automaticky

Click on Email. A standard email window will appear.

  1. Write an e-mail, or insert an attachment.
  2. Click on Share. The message will be encrypted and the Share window will open, through which you can drag the encrypted file with your mouse to third-party applications, e.g. Gmail.

Here you can see the sharing window that was created after Encrypting.

We will use Gmail as an example. Drag the lock icon to the prepared e-mail message.

The encrypted message was saved as an attachment. Now you can send an email.

Please note: The recipient of the message must be the same as when encrypting, otherwise the recipient will not decrypt the message.

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