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Talkey comes with an update which makes secure e-mail communication easy

The new update will make communication encryption more accessible and easier for the ordinary user. Talkey is responding to an increased number of cyber-attacks and the growing need for companies to communicate securely with their clients. At the same time, Talkey wants to show that even while keeping the strictest security parameters, communication encryption can be user-friendly.

talkey šifrování

This update will allow Talkey subscribers to easily expand the community which they can communicate securely with. They can newly send an encrypted message so that the recipient can decrypt it for free and without having to install the application. The message is decrypted in a secure web browser after entering the password.

How does it work for the sender?

If the sender wants to communicate securely with someone, there is no need to send an invitation to download the application. The Invite button in the application has been discontinued. The sender simply writes a message and Talkey automatically detects whether the recipient has their decryption key when clicking the Send button. If the recipient does not have the decryption key, the sender has to enter the phone number of the recipient. Talkey generates a unique decryption key for the recipient and will send them a text message with a password for reading encrypted messages. Another new feature is the ability to send an encrypted message to multiple recipients at once.

How does it work for the recipient?

The recipient can read encrypted messages for free and without having to install the application. The message is decrypted in a secure web browser after entering the password received in a text message. To be able to send an encrypted reply, all one has to do is press the reply button and download the Talkey reader for free, following the instructions. An inexperienced user can manage the installation as quickly as making a cup of coffee.

Security remains a priority.

The philosophy of secure communication with Talkey is based on the absence of a back-door, meaning that the sender and the recipient are the only ones to have access to the communication.

“Security remains our priority. So, the one thing that does not change is that senders and recipients of encrypted messages must keep their password securely. If they lose it, we are unable to recover it. We do not know the passwords and we do not store them. If the user loses their password, they will not be able to read their encrypted e-mails. This way, we guarantee that no one else can access the communication”,

says Jacek Makowski, Project Manager at Talkey.