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Why can’t I log into my Talkey?

  • If you have trouble logging in to your Talkey, you will most likely have forgotten your login password.
  • This password is used to log in to the Talkey application, to encrypt and decrypt e-mails, files or folders.
  • Company TALKEY a.s. (as a service provider) does not store your password for security reasons. In case of loss or forgetting, unfortunately it is not possible to reset it and resend your password.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your password, it is necessary to revoke the specific keys and create new ones.

NOTICE: Resetting the application (revoking the decryption keys) will cause that existing encrypted e-mails and files will be unreadable.

What does it mean that the old key will be revoke from the application (device) and I will have to generate a new key or restore it from a backup?

  • Resetting the application will revoke your key(s) from the device. But if you have a key backup, you don’t have to worry about this operation. The application will guide you to restore the keys from the backup (recovery requirement of the restore is that you know the password for the backup). So you will decrypt the original emails, files or folders.
  • If you do not have a key backup, the application will revoke the key (the one that belongs to the particular e-mail address). This means that existing encrypted e-mails and files will be unreadable.