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Every second
2.9 million e-mails are sent

E-mail is like a postcard

Your e-mail, as well as a postcard,
can be read by whoever going by.

There’s always someone looking

But why do they do it?

simply just curious

watch shopping behaviour

misuse of communication’s content

plan identity misuse/theft

Stop the sneaking
and communicate in a way that is


Encrypt all your e-mails,
files and folders with one click


Get a tool that
nobody can break into


Communicate with anyone
anywhere on the planet


Try out
extra features

disable the recipient’s ability to forward your message

set the number of times the message can be opened

limit the amount of time for your message to be visible

do not allow the message to be displayed on a mobile device

cancel an already sent message in the recipient’s mailbox

Keep your company communication under control

Manage Talkey usage and user settings centrally across the company. Contact us for a tailor-made company solution.


  • Martina Štichauerová

    financial advisor

    I want to offer my clients a professional approach, and that means protecting their personal data. Therefore, if necessary, I send all contracts and forms with their personal and sensitive data by encrypted e-mail. I was surprised at how easy it really was and how quickly my clients got used to it and appreciated it.

  • Mojmír Kramný

    CEO, holver

    The Talkey application meets today’s demand for effective data security, which is one of our priorities as a broker pool working with personal and sensitive information. We see great added value in the fact that our partners and clients do not have to buy the application in the full version with advanced features, but thanks to Talkey Reader, they can decrypt our e-mails and send an encrypted reply for free. For us, Talkey is a clear choice not only for data protection, but also for reputation protection.

    Solution for secure communication

    Keep your e-mails and data safe.

    solution for secure communication screen