It is essential to realise how important it is to protect data at the point that it is generated and dispatched. We cannot rely on intermediaries and don’t encrypt our data before we put them out there.

April 2016, Full review

Security experts, RNDr. Jiri Bartos, Ph.D. and Ing. Vladimir Lazecky, from the company Viavis Inc., answer questions about cyber security and cyber attacks.

March 2016, Full review

… as soon as you have connected USB, complete protection of any common e-mail will run, plus the data on disk and in the cloud. The whole encryption process that happens automatically, using technology RSA 2048 bit encryption standard combined with 3DES.

October 2015, Full review

… the only one on the world are able to disable read an e-mail remotely, long after send. Security startup Talkey can, except basic e-mail’s functions, automatically closed and destroy e-mail after a specified time or number of opening, disable forwarding and more. Another advantage is that Talkey do not have encryption keys to each other,for access to e-mails. This is a huge difference from other services.

October 2015, Full review

… data can be reached from any system, it is only about the amount of effort, says security expert Ing. Vladimir Lazecky. User’s problem is that they do not understand the principles of the internet, e-mail, or social networks they operate and conduct themselves accordingly, says Ing. Vladimir Lazecký. The biggest risk is, according to him, the user himself.

September 2015, Full review


… why is important to protect your information? The answer is simple – because the information have their value, have their price. Imagine the type of information, manufacturing information of a new product on which your employees work years. And then the employee will it sent to the competition by mistake. I describe a real example. Damages caused to go millions.

September 2015, Full review, video by time 6:55



… if you want to make rough test of whoever reads your e-mails in your company, send an e-mail to management with with subject: Roadmap personnel changes in 2015 with a fictitious proposal and see what happens …

February 2015



… interesting encryption novelty, designated for less experienced users too, whose advantages are
Simplicity and Friendliness …

February 2015



… this solution can not be to break through with brute force with current technologies, but also predict that only in the Czech Republic is more than 100 thousand potential users of the technology. The project arose because Radim Hofrichter, owner brokerage institutions to seek solutions to secure communication between a company and its business partners …

November 2014, Full review



… e-mails are more like postcards than sealed letters that anyone can read. Many e-mail service providers had not encrypt messages. Before the what encryption can protect Internet users and how does it work? …

June 2014, Full review


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