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SIMPLE! Install, Encrypt!

  • Installation mastered by everyone!
  • Install! Guide take you through the simple installation and generating the encryption key.
    • You do not learn anything new. You write e-mails the same way as before, on your existing e-mail addresses (corporate, Gmail, Yahoo, …), even using the same e-mail client.
    • Everything is done automatically. Write addressee e-mail address, enter a password. Done!
    • Do not want to encrypt e-mail? Just click the Encrypt button and send unencrypted e-mail.


  • Multi-factor security. The data are protected by encryption key, and additionally by a password.
  • Can I hack it with brute force? If you want to break the encrypted data with brute force, it will take you more than a lifetime, and you need a huge amount of computers.
  • We have not your password. Your password know only you. The disadvantage of this high security is that if you forget them, we do not have the option to renew it.
  • Changing the password. You can change the password for use, which may not coincide with the password that you entered when creating the encryption key.
  • Technologies. Double, symmetric and asymmetric encryption. RSA 2048 bit Encryption Standard combinated with 3DES.
  • Key copy protection (Talkey HARD).Certification FIPS II level 3 – encryption keys can not be copied from the device, or mechanically remove the chip. When the problem is detected, key is destroyed.


  • You are sending only secure data. Unsecured data do not travel through the dangerous Internet. All of encryption happens inside your computer.
  • Only you have encryption key! Nobody else has it. Neither our company. You produce it randomly according to the mouse movement and it stays all the time only on your Talkey backup and Talkey HARD versions on the token.
  • Insurance of password. Talkey is additionally protected by a password that only you know, like your credit card PIN. After the third incorrect entered password is Talkey blocked. As a credit card.
  • Direct communication! myTalkey company, not anyone else, does not have your encryption keys, e-mails, files, nothing. Your communication is direct between you and adressee.


  • Even for a layman. No complicated generation of certificates, encryption keys, public key exchange, protection of private keys.
  • On your existing e-mail addresses! No new e-mail addresses and mailboxes. You use your good old mailbox – corporate, Gmail, Yahoo, …any.
  • In your e-mail client. No additional software, settings, getting used to something else. No. You are still using MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbirdor on a macOS native client.
  • Price. For a few cents per a day you protect data in cost 1 000 EUR, 10 000 EUR or more. Let evaluate your data. You’ll be surprised.
  • Protecting that you can not buy with money.Losing a job, a good reputation and name, privacy of your loved people …

Why encrpyt e-mails and files?

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