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Standard e-mail can become the enemy of your business  and privacy. 
Keep your e-mail and data safe.

Protection of disturbing effects of the online world

Compliance with legislative requirements

Prevention of human inattention and negligence

With Talkey you are sure

You will not receive fraudulent e-mails

Talkey won’t receive fraudulent e-mails inviting the recipient to enter personal and login information on a fake page.

The sender is the person he claims to be

You can always be 100% sure that the sender is the person he claims to be and the content of his e-mail isn’t rigged.

Nobody else reads your e-mails

If you encrypt your communication, you know that your e-mails, which often include sensitive and personal information, are not read even by a curious mail server administrator.

You can really delete the sent e-mail

Who of us ever sent an e-mail to someone else by mistake? However, taking the message in regular e-mail client is not enough. With Talkey you can delete a message directly in recipient’s mail box.

80 %

of Czech managers are worried that someone is interested in getting information from their work, personal or company communication.


would take to hack Talkey through the computing power of a large number of computers.