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Communicate securely
with your clients

Solution demand
in law firms


Communicate securely
with your clients

Solution demand
in law firms

talkey ikona zámek

of e-mail communication

talkey ikona prevence

leakage prevention

talkey ikona gdpr

of personal data

talkey ikona reputace

of confidentiality

What and with whom you communicate

Who? With whom?

  • office members
  • cooperating lawyers
  • personnel department

What? What sort of content?

  • plea strategy, proposition of contracts and opinions
  • sensitive data of clients
  • payslips
  • labour law documentation

What and with whom you communicate

Who? With whom?

  • clients
  • involved parties
  • forensic experts
  • business partners

What? What sort of content?

  • contracts, legal opinions
  • notification of possible cases of contracts / legislation breach

What solution you look for

  • Simple encryption of e-mails, files and folders on PC
  • Possibility of limitation of sending personal data in an insecure way
  • Digital signature – confirmation of sender identity
  • Fast implementation and inexpensive infrastructure
  • Access denial to messages in case of an employee leaving or partner changing
  • Full user control over the system running
  • Time limitation of access to messages
  • Free of charge content decryption by an external recipient without the need of installation or registration
  • Assurance of message not being read by anyone other than the sender and the recipient

If you send anything by an e-mail,
you would not write onto a postcard, encrypt it.

Your e-mail, as well as a postcard can be read by whoever going by.


Solution for secure communication

Keep your e-mails and data safe.

solution for secure communication screen